See how introducing a Couple’s Planner makes a number of areas much easier to stay together in.

Think ahead, lose the assumptions, setup your phone shortcuts and so on.

2021 is here. Honestly, that simple statement alone means a lot. It means that your world was spun off track and the new you either survived it with your partner or things went another direction or perhaps being single is just a little more complicated these days. Whatever the case, you learned a little more about yourself and could use some thought on navigating 2021.

Setting up the date: There are so many ordinances still in effect that are confining to what restaurants can offer, however, so many creative restauranteurs that make COVID-19 life very reasonable and be the best couple. 

Take the time to call the restaurant. Google hasn’t updated every locations setup and you could end up arriving at a restaurant that now only takes reservations or only has tent seating in a busy parking lot. So definitely call.

Create a notes list in your phone accessible by your virtual assistant. Saying “Hey Siri, add Bijou’s Baja to my ‘New Restaurants’ list” is key in keeping a running log of spots that get you back to normal. You both want a way to lazily run down a list of easy places to go.

Setting up the house: This is critical to be the best couple. You have been home a lot. This means you’ve possibly missed time with your partner or you have gotten plenty of time everyday with one another. This new form of constant communication that 2021 requires will require a bit of a learning curve.

Establish boundaries in your day, separating your work and home life. Common sense died with the exhaustion of 2020, so speak first. Wake up and start sharing. They don’t know what your new workflow is like and they might think they should know so questions get skipped. Rough start to the year. Start sharing a schedule with one another, share your current projects, share your challenges. It only takes one of you to begin this and the other will begin to feel confident in this new approach.

Most importantly, tell each other what time of the day you will be completely available to each other.

Success in communicating is done by accessing the tools available, not by “wanting to” communicate better. Your relationship is more important than any stigma from outside noise. This book opens up so many questions and lets them be casual conversation. Questions for Couples Journal: 400 Questions to Enjoy, Reflect, and Connect with Your Partner. See what you think.

2021 can be your year and I believe that most couples are more ambitious than their skill sets allow them to express. What I found worked best to bring these behaviors into my relationship was a Couple’s Planner. Thankfully, it included everything in one printable planner, allowing me to make copies of what was most critical to my world. Leaving this shared Couple’s Planner on the bar is our way to add some great communication every morning and relieve each other of the anxiety that we hope has started to dissipate from 2020. Seriously though, don’t go it alone.

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