Elegant is not old, Boho is not chaotic. Remove the stigmas in how we understand our decor and yes, you can Boho like an adult.

The idea of fashion in our life is constant.  However, we can get caught in a trap of stigmatizing our home base in the way we fashion it.  Minimalists aren't clean freaks, Boho isn't chaotic, Elegant isn't old, however unframed canibus posters placed with multi-colored tacks is still Dormlife.  

For those that see the comfort and well designed energy of the Boho home, but are unsure of how to implement it in your life without being riddled with conflict, this is for you.  Let’s explore some ideas and see how you can turn your home into your relaxing sanctuary. 

  • Vintage Decor will always hold the most opportunity and largest variety because we have celebrated so many designs and styles over the decades.
  • Start with an area that you already understand.  For instance, if that is the bathroom, then identify vanity mirrors or vintage makeup/shaving trays that go well together.
  • There is no reason to sacrifice function or quality, in fact, the items you find will most likely be built to last your lifetime.  

Go Through The Grunge Phase

In an ideal world, we would simply obtain every piece of decor in one fell swoop and not miss a beat in our beautiful transition. However, the pursuit of a personalized home with unique character is a task that requires the patience to find the perfect pieces. 

I challenge you to implement a piece of decor or furniture that defies every rule in your interior design playbook. What this does is create a dialogue where you are explaining why you don’t like it and discovering a new possibility that you won’t get just doing the same safe ideas. 

For those that feel creating a vintage or Boho home means sifting through Goodwill bins every weekend, that is a myth!

By staying up on NextDoor or Facebook Groups, you can locate estate sales, upscale auctions, antique furniture  boutiques and restoration warehouses for some of the most well taken care of items you’ll ever see. 

Being able to add appreciation of an item because you know of the life it’s had is something that World Market or Target just can’t offer. 

Good Luck and please comment with any tips or questions that we can all learn or benefit from. 

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