Count Ten by Hans Otto Storm


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, Count Ten by Hans Otto Storm, Tired Of The Norm

BY HANS OTTO STORM ‧ Hardback 1st Edition

Cover has wear from age
Inside is excellent with no rips or tears.

Storm has already been critically acknowledged as an extremely accomplished novelist, and this is his biggest book to date, but I still think that its reception will be greater from the press than the public. This is a long, searching story of a man in quest for a pattern of living, a quest which covers strange scenes and rather strange people. Eric, intent on preserving his independence of thought and spirit, is interned during the war as a pacifist. After the war he leaves a safe but stultifying job to do manual labor as a pile raiser. A labor riot occurs and Eric drifts down to Mexico where he marries an Indian girl. At her death he once again pulls off to accompany a romantic-eccentric wandering in the South Seas. This leads him to a lucrative job, but hating the specious web of capitalistic big business, he resigns once again and goes to live in California, where in marriage to Aleen, he achieves a certain solidarity removed from a rottenly run society. A book which in content is not essentially popular, and Storm’s oblique, economic, cryptic manner is an artistic — rather than a commercial asset. Nonetheless, an interesting book, provocative and pungent, for the discerning.

Pub Date: June 15, 1940
Publisher: Longmans, Green

1 in stock


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