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Sustainable Streetwear Is More Than An Idea

Keep it funky. Keep it original. Keep it stylish. 

As we seem to get caught in fashion loops that air like proud reruns of Good Times, I’m reminded that even though the style of the previous generation is getting some much deserved credit, we are still guilty of not adding our own time and personality to the apparel of choice. Vintage clothing is simply the most amazing and well built canvas that we can be given, but deserves to be taken to…, well, to Funky Town. 

The mindset inside the design studio is to discover what direction a vintage piece wasn’t allowed to venture in its day. Then we go that direction. Every piece is a one-of-a-kind and designed to preserve the original integrity of the garment, just by letting it play outside of the box a bit. 

, Tired Of The Norm
, Tired Of The Norm