His silence is loudest today. U.S. Capital calls National Guard to protect from mob.

National Guard had to retake the U.S. Capital. His silence has never been louder.

My heart breaks for a country that has never been brave enough to let its hate go.

I don’t think that we all saw the same event that unfolded in supremely dramatic form on Wednesday afternoon. I am writing this as it plays out on CNN and every other platform I’m sure. Part of our society was proud of such a forceful statement, part was confused as to what could prompt this act and some were sad and left feeling as if their country had shown an unfortunate genuine portrait of itself.

I’m of the latter. I discipline myself to understand those that are motivated by values I do not believe in. However, I find that the difficulty is in their consistency. If peaceful protesting is the responsible expectation of Black Lives Matter, why is unlawful breaching of the U.S. Capital acceptable? What is it called when you spend no time communicating a message, but instead decide to destroy a critical national establishment as a way to express your beliefs? This behavior is the way of a terrorist and that is a very important relation to consider.

On Wednesday afternoon, the population of our society that has never been targeted, has never been denied access, has never been stripped of their pride decided to show exactly why they have needed every liberty they’ve ever gotten. They are weak. Similar to telling a child that the amusement park you planned to spend the day at was closed due to weather. Then watching them have an epic meltdown indicating that they have not developed coping skills for the world. The liberties that they’ve been given have shown them a life wherein they genuinely believe that they should always possess what they feel is important to them.

I remember how in the time leading up to the presidential vote, I was determined to promote, empower and encourage everyone to vote. It would have been a conflict to my beliefs if I only spoke to one group of people, because I believed in the vote, not any particular parties vote. Thinking about it, that makes sense, my people fought and lost lives to gain access to a system that we believed in enough to march for. So to then spit on the democracy that was looked at as access to the similar liberties of others would be senseless and would lower the value of our plight.

When the child is throwing a tantrum that causes you to get so distracted that you get into a car accident, will we decide that it is the child’s fault? Of course not, they were not given the focused attention to learn how to cope. Where is the adult? He left the scene of the accident it appears and it doesn’t look like he’s returning. That is the elected leader of our country, entitled and too weak to face accountability.


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