Why your Entrepreneur Moment is Right Now

Entrepreneurship is at its highest level of access with this pandemic reshuffling the deck in corporate America. 

For those that have the drive to learn something new, learn from failure and endure the vulnerability, Etsy is a great start. See the idea that began as a donation program and became, a top producing Etsy shop for Designer Anti Fog Masks for glasses wearers. It was while doing this that a new Fashion Designer emerged to create vintage streetwear. All during the pandemic while unemployed. Believe me, your moment is now  

See the fashion line created during the pandemic

When pushing yourself to new skills, it’s important to discover what skills line up with your natural movement and thought. We haven’t assessed ourselves effectively since high school and we don’t realize that we can do more more than we could then. A lot more. Continuing the Etsy thought, because the no-cost start up and established customer base is perfect for beginners, there is a demand of printable downloads all over the place. Planning events, business cards, kids games, baby showers, financial management, habit tracking, daily planning are just a few areas that people feel more secure if they have in trustworthy paper form, but lack the creativity or sight to generate their own designs.

Find out what you don’t know, learn from those that have already done it. I recommend these books:

However when seeing the demand in an area that we feel confident in, we still hesitate at times. That’s because we are fearful of any wrong move and drastically think that one mistake will ruin it all. This can’t be emphasized enough: Go and make all of the mistakes! It’s how you learn, how you explore, how you discover your love in an industry. Yet, I do believe in identifying and establishing support for yourself in this new venture. Using an Entrepreneur Planner & Journal is the best way to begin. The best one out allows you to stay organized with your network of contacts, business and personal budget, healthy downtime and weekly goals. Mitigate your risk by starting with an extremely supportive tool.

Entrepreneur’s Planner & Journal
Amazing Entrepreneur Planner for staying focused and healthy.

For less than $10, I can send you my Printable Business Ebook that covers branding, social media, design ideas with a step by step guide to begin by tomorrow. It’s an industry that I believe is so available to so many. Every piece of this business can be done from your phone and you can begin making sales as early as the next day. Effort and changes are two principles that can bring down the cost in nearly every venture if applied aggressively.

Ebook printable downloads
You can literally start your business today, that’s a big deal. You deserve what you strive for.


The Theory of Sustainable Fashion from a Fashion Designer

'BeetleJuice' Beaded Scarf
'You' Custom Button Down
Drip Rock Custom Tee

 The Theory of Sustainable Fashion from a Fashion Designer

I am always late to the party. Known for seeing the most popular YouTube clip only after it’s hit the billion views mark or recommending a “new” song to a friend as it nears its summer-long peak at #1.

This is important because the benefit of such a tardy classmate is that there is an opportunity to decide without any influence what you genuinely appreciate, apart from the pop culture force feed.

I feel that there is so much creative talent in the world that is unknowingly told that their creativity is not needed. We do this by attempting to define their art through our lens. That’s not a very valuable use of our lens. Our opinion is much more impactful by pursuing what we appreciate and doing our part to let what we don’t appreciate still given the chance to exist

I design. I design shoes. I design clothes. I design accessories. I can be all over the place at times, but none of that matters, what I create is a style of art that doesn’t need to be defended or spun to be anything different. I focus on redesigning vintage clothing.

To bring this erratic flow of thought home; I was designing custom vintage wear for a year before I heard the terms “upcycle” or “sustainable fashion”. I truly believed I was on to something and technically I was, but that would soon be dismissed by some.

The idea of sustainable fashion is a worthy one and I’m glad that there is an element of global concern associated with my brand. However, that is not the idea on which I base anything that I create. I believe that there are some designers simply more comfortable with not creating patterns or negotiating the nap but instead, take fascinating ideas to simple canvases.

There are a lot of great designers that utilize the sustainable fashion concept as their way to translate their brand, however that sort of communication can also blurry their more genuine mission.

Recently I’ve been meeting with boutiques and sharing my collections as it relates to their specific identity. There’s this “how-do-I-not-be-pretentious” moment that happens whenever discussing my brand. They’ll make a comment that I’m upcycling clothing and I’ll disagree, then they’ll point out to me that it is considered sustainable fashion and I’ll sort of dead pan them. Now I understand that these are all technically true, but I am a semantically challenged, uber-literal headache of an individual.

I feel that what I implement is too drastic or even too technical (at times) to be considered upcycled in a diy sort of way. (I accept your eye roll here). Further, my fashion happens to be sustainable, which is great, but isn’t the backbone of my brand.

Beyond this context is a wonderful message that I feel every artist, designer, creator needs to be reminded of at times. 
You are a creative. When a term is established to define your work, realize that non-creatives need some sort of structure to accept you and at times appreciate you. However, you do not have to bend your vision to be one that is more socially understood. Doing that conflicts with the very idea of what creativity is: to open the minds and push the perspective to those that can’t yet see how much more there is in life. Your brand doesn’t need to be anything other than what it is. 

Support your local artists whenever you can by doing the smallest of things: offering to take some business cards to your usual coffee spot, or posting a pic of their work, crediting them on social media, or just telling them that you appreciate what they do. 

Please consider sharing this article with anyone that you feel can relate. 

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Adrian Long

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Finding the Best Face Mask for your lifestyle

So much has been discussed regarding the year-old accessory that we’ve all associated to our new normal. Maybe you are a mask wearer, maybe you’re not, either way it’s important that you are understood on why there are so many different styles and which is best for you.

Pro Tip:

Elastic can stretch out or wear quickly. Go for Adjustable Laces that allow you to tighten and fit more appropriately.

Find a fitted mask; the idea is that you can mold the nose wire to your face, creating the highest level of comfort.

The Single Layer

This is the most breathable and carries the least weight on the face. However, unless it is a tightly woven Batik fabric or you are wearing a N95-type of mask underneath, it is also the least protective when considering how much of the viral droplets are able to escape the mask. Outdoor exercise while social distancing has seen this as the best to utilize. A Single Layer Face Mask with Nose Wire has breathing room and will keep your glasses from fogging up.

The choice of fabric will make a huge difference in this style. Polyester is a viable option as long as the fitting of it gives you good breathing ability. Be prepared to wash this style more often as it is going to be the same layer that is a barrier to the world that is rubbing against your face.

The 2-Layer Mask

By far, the most popular face mask amongst us is the 2-Layer. The level of protection is higher, the wearability is more significant and it can be more comfortable on the face. The design of this mask can be important to decide on because the extra fabric could hinder your breathing if not well designed. Consider the 3-D, Origami or Anti-Fog Face Masks when going for your 2-Layer.

The addition of the filter pocket is what gives this mask the ultimate ability to provide the highest level of protection. Not every 2-Layer Mask is designed with a filter pocket, but having one gives you the option to insert a filter when you feel it’s necessary, creating the 3-Layer Face Mask. So, to clarify, a 3-Layer Mask is one that is designed as a 2-Layer Mask with the addition of the filter.

Look for filters that are washable and be sure to always allow to dry before inserting in mask. Having a washable mask and filters will allow you to remain responsible while not contributing to the disposable mask landfill or continued expenses in this economic crisis.

The Gaiter

This is the least effective mask and the most likely to irritate sensitive skin. The convenience of the gaiter is the largest reason it saw it’s popularity, however the way in which it holds moisture and gathers at the neck while going back and forth to your mouth is a costly and ineffective way of staying protected and protecting others.

If this is your determined choice, have multiple available and change them out through the day, washing them all daily. Use sanitizing wipes on and around your neck often to keep the area clean and pull them up by using the sides and not the front of the Gaiter, keeping your hands from crossing your mouth and nose.

Most importantly…

Be comfortable. None of this matters if it’s so uncomfortable that you either don’t wear it or are always adjusting it. I’ve found that the 3-D Face Masks are appreciated for their breathable design and a high quality Anti Fog Face Mask is popular because it keeps any fog from your glasses and gives great breathability as well.

Vaccines are coming, let’s make sure that we do everything we can in this final stretch. – High Quality, custom, adjustable, Anti Fog Face Masks

How To Be The Best 2021 Couple – Part 2

Being the best couple you can be when so much has changed is not easy. So it will be a smart idea to eliminate the challenges that you already know are there and not stack any new ones on top of them.

I’ve discovered the power of discomfort and how powerful it can be in a relationship. If you think about it, the strength of a couple is utilized to withstand the land mines that litter their path to success. The discomfort however, lands squarely in the chest when considering actually acknowledging that these land mines actually exist.

Consider this scenario:

You have been working from home lately and this is an adjustment for you. Everything from your eating, working, cleaning and creative time has all adjusted slightly. Your partner has also experienced a number of minor adjustments in life and no one stops to ask reasonable questions between very reasonable people.

⚫️ How do you want to handle dinner if we are not on the same eating schedule that day?

⚫️ It’s hard to tell when you’re done with work when you’re home, can you let me know what to expect?

⚫️ Understanding that meetings, tasks and personal times are not what we’re used to, are there boundaries that I can help establish? Closed office door in the afternoon, no tv in the mornings, etc.

These questions are scary for some couples because they are acknowledging that land mines exist. The couple brave enough to confront these challenges will also experience a very unique reward: a relationship where they solve problems before they experience them. They won’t have a life argument-free, but that isn’t the goal. They simply won’t spend time denying these traps exist and will instead acknowledge their personalities, their challenges and their support for one another.

This book is fantastic! Turn your uncomfortable questions into casual conversation.

Questions for Couples Journal: 400 Questions to Enjoy, Reflect, and Connect with Your Partner

The Friday Happy Hour actually saves lives. This is an hour or so scheduled, away from your phones, for you and your partner to decompress with one another and discuss the thoughts for the weekend. So often, we are lazy brained on the weekends, but this happens to also be the time where you might actually have time to spend with one another. Put some thought into it! Close out the week in conversation and plan any personal and together time now so you are able to be all sorts of lazy brain.

Organize your thoughts in a Planner designed specifically for couples. This is what we use and lives are being saved everyday because of it. It’s a no-brainer for only a couple of dollars.

Perspective is key

There are going to be areas in our partners life where we feel a little out of the loop. Experiencing new anxieties is part of this COVID afterlife we face, however if we are able to believe that our partner is doing their best and you are holding yourself to that same regard, then all is well.

Help them out wherever you can, teach less lessons and thank them for doing their best.

How to Gain Your Kids Trust – Part 1

Parenting. Where intent, instincts and effort mean absolutely nothing.

Yikes. Even as I wrote that, it felt harsh, yet still very true. Where else are you given either no training or very suspect training by those you were sure couldn’t be qualified to teach, only to have handed to you a human life to be responsible for? It’s difficult to know how to gain your kids trust  

You will make mistakes and then you will more importantly demonstrate how to cope with them.

You will lose your way and then you will lead a path back.

You will feel defeated and then you will use what you learned to stand up.

It’s in our mistakes, our growth, our genuine desire to be our best that is parenting. Our kids are going to grow up and be exactly who they are, our job is to give them every opportunity at their definition of happiness.

That is the thought leading directly to an area parents can struggle with: Trust. Every parent has been confronted with the thought that they don’t have their child’s trust and we can adopt a couple of principles that will begin to calibrate exactly what our expectations can be.

Tip #1: Walk away from the results

You can’t trust your child to get an ‘A’ in their Math class. That is a result, it has nothing to do with either of you. Try instead learning your child’s studying habits, peak attention times and identifying when their frustration kicks in. Then ask them when you could work with them in their studies. Encourage a study time and be their host while they’re working, offering a beverage, taking a snack, this is a way to show them that you support their efforts. This also gives you several opportunities to be vocal in congratulating them in valuing their work, establishing an ownership of their studies. On test day, confirm with them that you aren’t interested in whatever grade the teacher gives them. Express your two areas of importance: effort and attention during study time as well as effort and attention during test time. Your child will begin to value their level of effort over the grade and that is how they will achieve the grade, but more importantly mutual trust with their parents. This is how to gain your kids trust  

Applied principles – Detachment

See Deepak Chopra

Tip #2: Embarrass yourself, intensely.

They’re young, you’re old. It’s the only perspective they can possibly have. Because they have never known you as a youth, they can’t process the thought that you ever endured their challenges. So you have to double down here. I told my son the most embarrassing intimate moment I’ve ever had with a girl when I was a teenager. It’s cringeworthy on an epic level. We took a breather after my story, much needed, then he instantly realized that he had nothing that could beat that ‘highlight’ so he started to rattle off stories of awkwardness and inexperience. We talked about a lot that day, but there is no way a young man or woman is going to just give you such personal and uncomfortable information unless you put your neck out. So practice and rehearse it, get really dramatic and tell that story like you were winning a gold medal. They will be silently grateful for it. This is how you gain your kids trust.

Applied principles – Humility

See Ghandi

Tip #3: Give them a boundary and don’t touch it.

When my son turned 13, I gave him a small wooden box, about 3”x5”x3”. I told him that because he had done such a great job over the years of contributing to the family’s happiness that I respected him as the young man that he was. As adults we know that with the perks of independence and freedom come the responsibility of our actions. So I presented this empty box to him and told him that I would never under any circumstance open this box without his expressed permission. What he understood was the weight of this box now. It was his and so was the responsibility of what he put in it. When a child knows that there is some small area of complete ownership, it satisfies their innate need to test it. Being a parent gives more and more areas to create trust over time, but you also have to design some yourself. That is definitely how to gain your kids trust. 

Applied principles – Leadership

See (Insert your thoughts here)

It’s only fair that I disclose that I can be considered a very unorthodox parent at times, but that is generally because I maintain one focus: show my kids that there is no book they need to follow into adulthood. They are individuals and I absolutely love always getting to know them. I have no expectations in who they become so I learn who they are as they grow and we walk the journey together.

Try these out in your own ways and please, please leave a comment at some point down the road. We need to keep learning, sharing ideas and discussing our mistakes. It’s how our kids win.

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The Insurrection of the U.S. Capital – Part 2

As we all wake up to the storming of the U.S. Capital in our past, our thoughts connect to our emotion, placing the need for our country’s transition more critical than ever.

Just days ago I wrote Part 1 in the moment, real time as I was challenged emotionally to what I was witnessing. I made a commitment in the form of a challenge to be present, realized and genuine, not allowing myself to recant any expression. I spent the following mornings rereading the post and observing reactions from a diverse collection of respected perspective. What I observed was a life lesson that we all need to be reminded of.

Hate consumes.

Hate consumes the energy of those willing to give the most to help those that have the least.

Hate consumes the hope that so many exhaustively hold for so long.

Hate consumes the opportunity for our youth to realize the value in service to others.

The only target to channel hate at is hate itself. Nothing else.

The reaction from the country following the surreal invasion of the U.S. Capital was one that in most fronts appeared to be genuine, emotional and driven to action. In any experience that is so unexpected, we are often locked in an initial emotional state, having to wait until our logical hemisphere begins to find it’s way and we are witness to a multitude of narratives and theories. This was a very unique incident however, where the freedom to act on emotion before our logic was able to settle became an accepted behavior. We were collectively angry at having our democracy, our shared ‘damsel in distress’, so violated in front of our eyes.

It was the fight in us. A fight that is always in us. However, our fear to bare this fight is based upon the same society that is not wise, considerate, compromising or absolute in it’s discipline to contribute. We are either traumatically influenced by our society or heavily condemning our society. The responses that I heard and read were all comments, feelings, thoughts that could have been easily justified and accepted prior to the siege, yet they were not presented until after.

What if these expressions, this accountability, this fight were put into the world at the earliest available moment? Would we have experienced what we did?

Generally, I can have a difficult time valuing anything politicians choose to express publicly. However, when Arnold Schwarzenegger took the time (a very efficient 8 minutes) to deliver a profound speech four days after the riot, I set what I was doing down and gave it my full attention. It was the articulate response that only a person from a broken democracy, ravaged culture of family and a self sought appreciation of America could have delivered. He provided perspective and more notably, a warning of what sparked the destructive spin of a petulant society: The allowance of lies.

The demand for transparency and truth is an appropriate one, but it is much different than what is needed. The demand that need be expressed in this moment is the complete accountability of those that would use dishonesty and lies to damage a country that we are wholly invested in. Yes, I would like our government to be forthcoming and open, however, I’d rather begin with the pledge of our leadership to only communicate what they can give evidence to.

As more and more information unfolds in the wake of the invasion, it is clear that there will be plenty to wade through if pursuing accurate information. I’m looking forward to posting Part 3 as we learn what the true intent was of the insurgents.

The Insurrection of The U.S. Capital – Part 1

National Guard had to retake the U.S. Capital. His silence has never been louder.

My heart breaks for a country that has never been brave enough to let its hate go.

I don’t think that we all saw the same event that unfolded in supremely dramatic form on Wednesday afternoon. I am writing this as it plays out on CNN and every other platform I’m sure. Part of our society was proud of such a forceful statement, part was confused as to what could prompt this act and some were sad and left feeling as if their country had shown an unfortunate genuine portrait of itself.

I’m of the latter. I discipline myself to understand those that are motivated by values I do not believe in. However, I find that the difficulty is in their consistency. If peaceful protesting is the responsible expectation of Black Lives Matter, why is unlawful breaching of the U.S. Capital acceptable? What is it called when you spend no time communicating a message, but instead decide to destroy a critical national establishment as a way to express your beliefs? This behavior is the way of a terrorist and that is a very important relation to consider.

On Wednesday afternoon, the population of our society that has never been targeted, has never been denied access, has never been stripped of their pride decided to show exactly why they have needed every liberty they’ve ever gotten. They are weak. Similar to telling a child that the amusement park you planned to spend the day at was closed due to weather. Then watching them have an epic meltdown indicating that they have not developed coping skills for the world. The liberties that they’ve been given have shown them a life wherein they genuinely believe that they should always possess what they feel is important to them.

I remember how in the time leading up to the presidential vote, I was determined to promote, empower and encourage everyone to vote. It would have been a conflict to my beliefs if I only spoke to one group of people, because I believed in the vote, not any particular parties vote. Thinking about it, that makes sense, my people fought and lost lives to gain access to a system that we believed in enough to march for. So to then spit on the democracy that was looked at as access to the similar liberties of others would be senseless and would lower the value of our plight.

When the child is throwing a tantrum that causes you to get so distracted that you get into a car accident, will we decide that it is the child’s fault? Of course not, they were not given the focused attention to learn how to cope. Where is the adult? He left the scene of the accident it appears and it doesn’t look like he’s returning. That is the elected leader of our country, entitled and too weak to face accountability.

How To Be The Best 2021 Couple – Part 1

Think ahead, lose the assumptions, setup your phone shortcuts and so on.

Be The Best Couple

The guide to being an epic couple in 2021.

2021 is here. Honestly, that simple statement alone means a lot. It means that your world was spun off track and the new you either survived it with your partner or things went another direction or perhaps being single is just a little more complicated these days. Whatever the case, you learned a little more about yourself and could use some thought on navigating 2021.

Setting up the date: There are so many ordinances still in effect that are confining to what restaurants can offer, however, so many creative restauranteurs that make COVID-19 life very reasonable and be the best couple. 

Take the time to call the restaurant. Google hasn’t updated every locations setup and you could end up arriving at a restaurant that now only takes reservations or only has tent seating in a busy parking lot. So definitely call.

Create a notes list in your phone accessible by your virtual assistant. Saying “Hey Siri, add Bijou’s Baja to my ‘New Restaurants’ list” is key in keeping a running log of spots that get you back to normal. You both want a way to lazily run down a list of easy places to go.

Setting up the house: This is critical to be the best couple. You have been home a lot. This means you’ve possibly missed time with your partner or you have gotten plenty of time everyday with one another. This new form of constant communication that 2021 requires will require a bit of a learning curve.


Establish boundaries in your day, separating your work and home life. Common sense died with the exhaustion of 2020, so speak first. Wake up and start sharing. They don’t know what your new workflow is like and they might think they should know so questions get skipped. Rough start to the year. Start sharing a schedule with one another, share your current projects, share your challenges. It only takes one of you to begin this and the other will begin to feel confident in this new approach.

Most importantly, tell each other what time of the day you will be completely available to each other.

Success in communicating is done by accessing the tools available, not by “wanting to” communicate better. Your relationship is more important than any stigma from outside noise. This book opens up so many questions and lets them be casual conversation. Questions for Couples Journal: 400 Questions to Enjoy, Reflect, and Connect with Your Partner. See what you think.

2021 can be your year and I believe that most couples are more ambitious than their skill sets allow them to express. What I found worked best to bring these behaviors into my relationship was a Couple’s Planner. Thankfully, it included everything in one printable planner, allowing me to make copies of what was most critical to my world. Leaving this shared Couple’s Planner on the bar is our way to add some great communication every morning and relieve each other of the anxiety that we hope has started to dissipate from 2020. Seriously though, don’t go it alone. Check out the Planner by clicking the hyperlink and see what you think.

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