The pandemic has shuffled the corporate deck, take advantage and be an entrepreneur now

Entrepreneurship is at its highest level of access with this pandemic reshuffling the deck in corporate America. 

For those that have the drive to learn something new, learn from failure and endure the vulnerability, Etsy is a great start. See the idea that began as a mask donation program and became a top producing Etsy shop, selling masks for glasses wearers. It was while doing this that a new Fashion Designer emerged to create vintage streetwear. All during the pandemic while unemployed. Believe me, your moment is now.

When pushing yourself to new skills, it’s important to discover what skills line up with your natural movement and thought. We haven’t assessed ourselves effectively since high school and we don’t realize that we can do more more than we could then. A lot more. Continuing the Etsy thought, because the no-cost start up and established customer base is perfect for beginners, there is a demand of printable downloads all over the place. Planning events, business cards, kids games, baby showers, financial management, habit tracking, daily planning are just a few areas that people feel more secure if they have in trustworthy paper form, but lack the creativity or sight to generate their own designs.

Find out what you don’t know, learn from those that have already done it. I recommend these books:

However when seeing the demand in an area that we feel confident in, we still hesitate at times. That’s because we are fearful of any wrong move and drastically think that one mistake will ruin it all. This can’t be emphasized enough: Go and make all of the mistakes! It’s how you learn, how you explore, how you discover your love in an industry. Yet, I do believe in identifying and establishing support for yourself in this new venture. Using an Entrepreneur Planner & Journal is the best way to begin. The best one out allows you to stay organized with your network of contacts, business and personal budget, healthy downtime and weekly goals. Mitigate your risk by starting with an extremely supportive tool.

The most valuable truth is that our life expenses have given us skills that we simply haven’t acknowledged. 2020 did put us in a position to redefine what’s important to us, how we can maximize our potential and why we need to be strong in our pursuits.

“Just Start”

-a truth about entrepreneurship

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